HEROIC FRAUD, Exposé of Freud’s Literary Murder, Launches on Amazon

In December 2018, HEROIC FRAUD: HOW SIGMUND FREUD GOT AWAY WITH LITERARY MURDER launched on Amazon in paperback and Kindle ebook editions.

The book presents a kind of criminal case history of Moses and Monotheism, contending that Freud dissembled this much-criticized work in a kind of literary code. Most critics believe that this perplexing work — which claimed that Moses was an Egyptian killed by Hebrews — was a symptom of senility and Jewish self-hatred.

HEROIC FRAUD contends that Freud composed his final book so that its true meaning could only be understood by readers familiar with psychoanalysis. By tracing the many “Freudian slips” in the text and other symptomatic expression, one can decipher his latent intent much as a psychoanalyst might interpret the garbled manifest content of a dream.

Properly interpreted, the book is not hostile to the Jews but rather to their contemporary enemies, showing the root causes of anti-Semitism, conclusions too provocative to be outspoken at the time. Even now, his long-concealed ideas and conclusions are bound to arouse controversy and opposition.

The paperback is 258 pages, including notes.  It is available at Amazon for $14.99.

The Kindle edition costs $3.99. Amazon Unlimited members can view it free and share with friends.

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