Part I: Moses an Egyptian -13

On the other hand the suggestion has long been made and by many different people that the name Moses derives from the Egyptian vocabulary. Instead of citing all the authors who have voiced this opinion I shall quote a passage from a recent work by Breasted1, an author whose History of Egypt is regarded as authoritative. “It is important to notice that his name, Moses, was Egyptian. It is simply the Egyptian word ‘ mose ‘ meaning child and is an abridgement of a fuller form of such names as ‘ Amen-mose ‘ meaning Amon-a-child or ‘ Ptah-mose’, meaning Ptah-a-child, these forms themselves being likewise abbreviations for the complete form Amon-(has-given)-a child or Ptah-(has-given) a-child.  The abbreviation ‘child’ early became a convenient rapid form for the cumbrous full name, and the name ‘Mose’, child, is not uncommon on the Egyptian monuments. The father of Moses without doubt prefixed to his son’s name that of an Egyptian god like Amon or Ptah, and this divine name was gradually lost in current usage, till the boy was called ‘ Mose. ‘ (The final s is an addition drawn from the Greek translation of the Old Testament. It is not in the Hebrew, which has ‘mosheh’). “I have given this passage literally and am by no means prepared to share the responsibility for its details. I am a little surprised, however, that Breasted in

1The Dawn of Conscience, London, 1934, p. 350.